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Animated Star Trek PADD LCARS for PPC2003FE

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File Name: Animated Star Trek PADD LCARS for PPC2003FE

File Submitter: ZSX

File Submitted: 7 Aug 2007

File Updated: 10 Aug 2007

File Category: Pocket PC Today Screens QVGA

This is the LCARS PADD theme currently on my Pocket PC. I make no apologies for the useability of this theme. As my PPC is used only for GPS, the launcher does not need to display the usual PIM data on the today screen, so I have dispensed with all that kind of information. This may not be suitable for you! :)


1. This is for Pocket PC 2003 First Edition devices (but should also work on Pocket PC 2002 devices as well.) There are numerous Star Trek themes available for Pocket PC 2003 SE and WM5 devices out there already!

2. You will need the following today screen items (all freeware) installed in your Pocket PC.

a. Wisbar Advance v1.x:

b. tdClock:

c. today GIF:

d. cLaunch:

It is a fairly complicated theme, so instructions are included as a PDF within the ZIP file.

Oops! It looks like the zipped file exceeds the maximum uploadable file size. I took the animated GIF out and you can grab it here (right click and "save as"):


Click here to download this file

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