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Windows Mobile 6 Default for PPC2003 First Edition

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File Name: Windows Mobile 6 Default for PPC2003 First Edition

File Submitter: ZSX

File Submitted: 7 Aug 2007

File Updated: 23 Aug 2007

File Category: Pocket PC Today Screens QVGA

Here is a skin for the taskbar and system tray to allow your Pocket PC 2003 First Edition device to look a little more like Windows Mobile 6, for those of us still using PPC 2003 FE devices! :)

The pack includes the Wisbar Advance v1.x theme in turquiose as well as the .tsk file.


1) Pocket PC 2003 First Edition ONLY (may work on PPC 2002 devices, but will NOT work on PPC 2003 SE and up!)

2) WisBar Advance v1.x (freeware, downloadable here.)

3) The attached zip file and some form of unzipping utility (freeware, downloadable here.)


1) Install Wisbar Advance to your PPC.

2) Unzip the archive. This will create 1 folder, "Windows Mobile 6 Default," and 1 file "Windows Mobile 6 Default.tsk".

3) Explore your device. Go to My Device>Program Files>WisBar Advance>skins and copy the "Windows Mobile 6 Default" folder here.

4) Run Wisbar Advance on your PPC. Click on the menu in the taskbar and choose settings.

5) Click on the theme tab, click on use a theme file. To specify the theme file browse to Program Files\WisBar Advance\skins\Windows Mobile 6, then highlight the skin file Windows Mobile 6 Default.skn and click OK.

6) Copy the Windows Mobile 6 Default.tsk file to My Documents in your PPC. Apply the .tsk file by clicking on Start>Settings>Today>Windows Mobile 6 Default. Then click OK to apply the changes.

Voila! A pseudo Windows Mobile 6 look for Pocket PC 2003 FE! :P

Click here to download this file

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What today programs/plugins are you using? Can you send me your config settings and bitmaps to the way you have it setup so I can do the same please?

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