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HTC Wizard / 8125 USB Modem dropping EDGE connection

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After getting an unlimited data package from ATT, I've recently started using my Wizard (Cingular 8125) as a modem for my laptop. I expected the speed to be pretty slow, but oh yeah, it's slow! The problem is that when I use the connection heavily, it appears to just quit transferring data, yet the connection still appears to be running in the XP systray.

If I am just browsing the web, etc. it seems to hold up without trouble. Now this is going to sound crazy, but I tried running Azureus over it, which kills the connection after maybe 10 minutes at most.

Again, it seems to be OK on the XP side. I have to deactivate Modem Link on the phone, then redial from XP to get it going again.

Has anyone had luck running torrents over the EDGE connection like this? Is there a limit on the number of connections or something like that which might cause this? I saw a similar problem on here with a reghack but it was for dropping voice calls which I have not had any trouble with in the month or so I've had this phone.

What kind of transfer speeds have others been getting over EDGE?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions on this!

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I would guess that you are still running WM5 on the device and your not using internet conection sharing that is built into WM6. when i first got the phone i had a decent amount of problems with the connection staying aliave on the internet side but ever seince i upgraded to WM6 from xda-developers.com i havn't had an issue. i would sugest that you upgrade to WM6 if you think your good enough to follow directions to a T other wise you will brick your phone. I have downloaded torrents on my phone threw edge using a torrent client for the phone and have not had the internet drop (with WM6), so im going to say that its proabable the OS/radio stack that you are using.

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