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Deleted Items Folder Empties Automatically Regadless of Settings

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I don't know whether this is a 503G issue or a general WM6 Pro quirk, so I'm cross-posting in both places.

The problem is that when I delete something in my Outlook Inbox, it gets cleared from the mobile device's Deleted Items folder the next time Active Sync connects, and there doesn't seem to be any setting that affects this. It should be controlled by Messaging - Menu - Tools - Options - Storage - Empty deleted items: - Manually, and indeed this setting controls my Yahoo account as expected, but does not seem to control the Exchange account.

In fact, the deleted e-mails are not completely gone -- they stay in Deleted Items in my Exchange mailbox and can be accessed via Outlook on my laptop, but that doesn't do me much good if I'm on the move and accidentally deleted something and need to undelete it right away.

Why can't I just have my Deleted Items folder in Exchange synched 1:1 like any other folder?

Any thoughts anyone?

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