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Dash internet help

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hello everyone. i'm new to the forum. i'm also a noob when it comes to phone and computer tech stuff. so i'm sure some of my questions may very well be stupid but i'm going to ask them anyway. i just got the T-Mobile Dash 3 days ago. i have already upgraded it to Windows Mobile 6.0. my first question is is there a flash player application available for this device yet? i know there's alot of talk about it on the net but i was just wondering if it's been made yet.

my other question is concerning the internet on the phone. i haven't had much trouble on the internet as of yet, and it actually runs pretty damned smoothly, especially compared to my last phone, the Sidekick 2. however i can't log into myspace. when i go to myspace and try to login, the home page just reloads. i'm not even given a message as to why the login failed. i know i'm entering the correct information, but nothing seems to be going through. does anybody know why this is happening?

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