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I have just received a Vodafone v1605 as a work phone and am trying to do a couple of things that I can't fathom why they are not working. Data services are active as I can surf but also send\receive my work e-mail.

1. MMS - When I try and send an MMS it comes up saying that I may have to close my current active connection to send and receive MMS mesages, I click yes it looks like it's going but never does it just sits in the Outbox Also when receving an MMS message I open the message and it shows a URL to presumably the MMS but when I click on the URL it goes nowhere.

2. I've changed the wallpaper and ufortunately the background is quite pale, is there a way of changing the text colour to something darker than white?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Have you contacted your network customer service to enable data on your account ?

Uh..what was the other thing ? :)

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Sounds like MMS is not enabled on your account.

re: the background, change to a different theme before applying the wallpaper that uses black text instead of white!


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