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Sockets and ConnMgrEstablishConnection

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When I first started experimenting with the Motorola Q for socket connections,

I had no problem establishing a socket connection simply using the standard WSAConnect.

In the last few weeks, however, the device stopped being able to connect.

I could not make a socket connection unless I first used something like Explorer.

After exiting explorer the connection would seem to stay up (not good either IMHO),

and WSACOnnect would work.

Doing some more research, it appeared that, perhaps, I should have been initializing the connection

using the connection manager. However, there are a few things which are unclear about using the

connection managers APIs.

In my case I seem to be in a bad area, only able to make data calls sporadically. I'm not minding this at the

moment because it is helping to test that situation.


1. When the data call fails competely, I get a CONNMGR_STATUS_CONNECTIONFAILED - which is fine. However,

a dialog box also pops up saying that the Data Call Failed. Not good. Anyway to get rid of this? My app

assumes its being suspended when it loses activation and so this is causing some problems.

2. I often get a CONNMGR_STATUS_WAITINGCONNECTION status from ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync.

Its is quite unclear to me at this point if I am supposed to poll ConnMgrConnectionStatus on

CONNMGR_STATUS_CONNECTED, or do another call to ConnMgrEstablishConnection

or ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync periodically.

Currently I am just waiting but often after even 30 seconds the status has not changed. Occasionally I get connected

immediately, but so far this is never after a CONNMGR_STATUS_WAITINGCONNECTION. THis makes me suspcious that

I am doing something wrong when getting this message.

thanks in advance for any suggestions/help

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