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No WM6 for TMob Compact III

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Got the below email from TMobile yesterday, looks like an upgrade will have to come from other methods then...

Thanks for your email Gareth

I have looked into your enquiry and it looks like all existing devices will have windows mobile 5 but new devices such as the MDA Vario 3 will have windows mobile 6. We have decided that bringing in new MDA devices that make best use of the features of Windows Mobile 6 is a better use of our resources than rolling it out on existing devices which already work well with Windows Mobile 5. Some customers are asking if they can download the Windows Mobile 6 software from "t-mobile.com" and upgrade their MDA Mail. Customers should be warned that the software is not designed for UK devices and attempting to load it could damage their device and invalidate their warranty.

I hope that this information is helpful to you Gareth

If you need any further help please call 150 from your mobile phone or 08454125000 from a BT landline where local call charges apply

Kind Regards

Charlene Barton

Customer Services Email Team


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