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T-Mobile UK voicemail and WM6

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The T-Mobile UK voicemail number (press & hold the 1 button) is your mobile minus the initial 0 and prefixed +44067 - in other words if your number is 07123456789 then the voicemail number would be +440677123456789. When I dial this from my S620 with WM6 it 'intelligently' seems to strip the 0 after the +44 and results in an automated message about the number being barred.

Anyone else come up against this? I've changed the voicemail number to match my actual number which seems to work - any downsides to this?


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Shouldn't make any difference really, but my phone's voicemail number is +447953605167 (which isn't my mobile number)

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Can't remember how I found it out, but it was something to do with when I got my replacement handset and I saw the number for it somewhere in call logs (I have to use this number because due to the way I restored my backed up configs it somehow erased the mapping of voicemail to the 1 key)... but I made a Voicemail entry in my address book and I use this number to access it:


I think it could well the generic voicemail gateway number, because that's DEFINITELY not my telephone number (my number begins 07778, OLD old skool Vodafone port!) so I guess you could give that number a try and see if it works for you. I did have a temp number for 3 weeks when I migrated to TM, but that number is nothing like what it was.

Fingers crossed maybe and just try dialing it?

(I used the +44067 trick when I was on Virgin ;), except because I was on an earlier server for my voicemail and account, I had to use +44057 :wub:)

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