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Chris Rose

T Mobile MDA III - HTC Artemis 3300 ??

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I've owned an SPV 1500 - on an Orange contract sim for nearly three years. Have just aquired for a sillyly low price a MDA Compact III on T Mobile. I need it to run my TomTom 5 software, using the built in GPS, which my 1500 does quite well. The things I need some help with are as follws.

Is the MDA Compact III the same as the HTC Artemis P330 - can anyone tell me tha answer ?

I'd like to put my Orange contract SIM in it - can anyone tell me how to get it to recognise the sim ?

Is it easy enough to get TomTom 5 onto the Micro SD card to work with the built in GPS - thus eliminating the need for an external bluetooth GPS - like I use with the SPV1500.

if anyone can help with the above, could you post and answer or email me at [email protected]

Loads of thanks to all of you for providing such a great site !!!



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The MDA Compact III is the HTC Hero- a cut down version of the Artemis without WiFi

To put your Orange SIM in to it, you need to SIM unlock it- look for SIM unlocking tools or pay £20 from IMEICheck (I don't think the P3300/Artemis Unlockers work on the Compact III- you need to do some research.)

TomTom 5 will work fine, but can be a pain to install ;) Best bet, as you say is to copy the files from your existing source and run the relevant cab files directly. Remember you will need to activate the maps for your new device, for which you will need the original Product Codes

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