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Upgarde Lobster 700 to Windows Mobile 6

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Hi Everyone,

I bought the lobster around october and for what it lacks in rugged good looks you be hard pressed to find a decent portable dab radio at twice the price, and you get all the other great features too. So all told i am a big fan of the phone and its a shame they are discontinuing the service.

But my question is this. If i were to have a copy of wm6 is there a way of upgrading the lobster to the new operating system or is this impossible? Was waiting for htc to release details of an update but i had the feeling it would be passed by and it there is no chance of this happening now.

Would appreciate any info on this or tell me im living in a dream land :-)

thanks!! ;)

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You can't upgrade the Lobster (HTC Monet) to WM6- there just aren't any WM6 ROM's available as it was never a popular device despite its benefits.

Don't even contemplate using a different device ROM or you'll most likely finish up with a paperweight. Rumours that the Monet is the same as the Tornado, and can accept the Tornado WM6 ROM are incorrect ;)

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