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TyTN II Just Ordered, need to find mobile carrier

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Hi All,

I have just ordered the TyTN II MoDaCo Special Offer and up until now I have only been on PAYG with Vadofone so I am looking for advice on a carrier.

From what I can tell T-Mobile web 'n' walk plus plan suits my needs but I cannot seem to find it anywhere on a sim only plan.

Is my only option to get a 12/18 month contract with a phone, and just use the TyTN II instead of the T-Mobile phone?

Thanks for your help.


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Hiya Ztaar - ive been looking at this too and so far all i can see if yea, you gotta have a phone with a flext contract - i even called them up about this (bit pointless really - i might as well be speaking to a rock/stick of celery/crystal ball/etc) and they were like 'eeerrr yea' which i took to mean they dont know - you could always get a free handset and sell it on ebay or smt?

ive been scrutinising the web and walk plans and it seems that, judging by this t-mobile guide i got from a highstreet shop that:

web and walk standard @ 7.50/mo (1gb/mo) - doesnt permit use of this for modem access, peer to peer, internet phone calls, or instant messaging

web and walk plus @ 12.50/mo (3gb/mo) - doesnt permit use for internet phone calls

web and walk max @ 22.50/mo (10gb/mo) - doesnt look like its restricted at all - free open mobile internet? wtf!

all of those above require a flext or ufix monthly tariff but they also do data only plans, plus and max at 29/mp and 44/mo respectively with the same restriction s as per above (but i think theres a typo on the max plan as they say a cap of 10mb not gb ha)

all of this i have read out of this guide thing, which is dated aug/07 so it might be ouit of date by now! :S i think im gonna plump for the cheapest flext @ 20/mo and bolt on the web and walk plus @ 12.50/mo as tbh doesnt skype go through port 80 anyway?

hope this helps!

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Cheers fusi, the Kaiser is awesome, and I don't even have a data plan yet!!

Thanks for the reply as well, I was thinking exactly along the lines as you, get the web n walk plus on the min flext plan.

Probably going to go with the 18 month, £32.50 web n walk plus plan the same as you.


But your right with the phone, looks like you have to get one through them, so I am either thinking of getting a super slick (completely impractical ala the LG Prada) going out phone or just something that ebay’s well.

Re Skype I have been reading mixed reports on what can and can't be done, but my understanding is that if you are found using it they can boot you off the service, don't quote me on that though ;). I am no network guru but if you could configure Skype to run through your own proxy this may.......

Either way I think VoIP & Mobile carriers will be a very interesting subject to keep tabs on if it isn't already!



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