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WM6 on Graphite

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I have a graphite which I bought off Ebay. It seemed like a good upgrade from the SP5 I've been using for the past 18 months. Anyway, I got the phone, and although its got a faster processor and more memory than the SP5, its speed was only marginally faster with WM5. Anyway, I did the WM6 upgrade, loaded on Office and a few other programs I use, and the phone does look visually impressive. The new icons and some of the new applications are good. But overall, the phone is a disappointment. The battery life is poor, and you cannot get an accurate idea of how much battery life is left as it disappears very quickly and is not precisely shown using the monitor plugin. Pocket Internet Explorer is very slow, the pages load ok but its very diificult to scroll down as it appears to slow down on large web pages, such as the homescreen on Modaco. Also after browsing the net for a while, and then trying to close all applications using the task manager, the phone responds by saying that it needs to be reset as its run out of memory?? (even though there is plenty of free memory on the phone) you need to turn off the phone to correct this. I have already installed Modaco Card Cache to store the temp internet files on the storage card. The camera is better, but the WiFi range isnt as good. The screen is much brighter although this may be causing the battery life to suffer. The sound is not as loud as previous phones. I installed a benchmark program, I think it was by SK Tools, and the phone gave much better results than the SP5. but this does not translate into actual noticable improvement in speed in normal use. Its a shame really, the processor is twice as fast, and the storage is more but the operating system (WM6) may be slowing it down. I've gone back to the SP5 for the moment. Also does anyone know if this phone will work with a '3' network sim card. I've not used the 3g part of this phone yet and I'm curious. i'm currently on Orange, and the phone is unlocked.

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The fact your phone wants to reset tells me that there's something wrong somewhere. I've noticed a huge improvement in speed and battery life since the WM6 upgrade. Have you tried a hard reset?

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Hello from Germany,

got a used Graphite this week from UK and just installed WM6, works like a charm.

I still have to get used to a smartphone, have had some xda mini and neo so far.

Right now I have installed SpriteBackup, RescoExplorer and Facade, any other tips to make life easier?

Is there a way of cycling through open programs or are they closed each time you use another prog?

Last question: Does anybody have an o2 Homezone prog that works on WM6 in Germany?

Thanks for your help, so long!

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