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m700 questions

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Hey all, not had a windows mobile device for a while but just got myself an m700 :wub:

couple of questions though (sorry if they have already been asked)

1) I have a 4mb (orange world access) GPRS bundle on my tariff, but i have noticed on my phone when i connect to the net it connects as GPRS - 3G, im just wondering if this is still classed as GPRS and is covered by my bundle?

2) when i take a picture with the camera i hold the phone on its side, however the captured picture when viewed on the phone has been rotated 90 degrees to the left, is there anyway to view the pictures as the viewfinder shows them before the picture is taken? or at least an easy way to view them full screen (widescreen)

Cheers ;)

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The first one is easy: Yes, 3G is just another carrier method for data, so you will have your 4MB to play with whether connects under G(PRS), 3G or H(SDPA). HSDPA is being rolled out slowly by Orange, but is fairly consistent in London now. The Icon will only show H when data is actually being transferred.

At an average rate of 700Mb per second, it would take about 5 seconds to use up your 4MB allowance, so be careful as extra data is £3 per MB! If in doubt its much cheaper to buy the 30MB £8 per month deal, or even the upcoming £25 3GB per month

Don't know about the Camera as I never use it!

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This is the fix for the bug on the TyTN II, it should work on your M700

You need to edit the registry, go to


Change the value named "EnableEncodePortrait" from 1 to 0

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