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M700 ... A few Questions

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A Few Questions to ask ... this is my first ever PDA and I love it so far ....

Takes a little getting used to than using a "normal" phone but its fantastic!

I want to know first of all where I can download a I-phone type skin? with the Menu tabs there in the front? Also is it me or do other people who have a password lock on the phone (i.e. when inactive for say 2 mins) when they are on the phone and that lock comes on you get cut off?? <_< happend a few times with me ... it's either the lock or my big ears hehe

... Any way of getting playlists on the media player? and how do u get the media player to keep on playing the songs?

Iv got songs saved in MP3 in different folders in my Storage Card and once one song has finished Media Player Stops so I have to click on the next song I wanna listen too ... aint their a way to just listen continuously?

Also with Media Player ... I have transferred all songs to the library BUT they aint like the way the folders are set up i.e. in Album format ... they just saved in one huge list ... anyway to make them like Albums or is it a case of a LONG time of manual work?

Hope all this makes sense...

Oh yeah ... btw what type of video files can you play on this? Avi????

Look forward to ur reply:D


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