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Need to know if correct install

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I unlocked super CID using a tool from a website.

Flashed the ROM.

Used Mtty.exe.

Still using mtty.exe.

Loads and loads of weird text on screen - like for 30 minutes now.

I this good or bad - is this just the install process?

How long does this usually take.

I dont want to leave my phone in bootloader mode for too long as there is no screen saver and it might mess it up?

Please someone advise if this is right or not and if not what I should do.

Cheers anyone.

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What ROM did you use to flash your phone?

If you tried to install a ROM from a different device ie WM5 from the O2 XDA phone you could kill your device.

Being left in bootloader without a screensaver will not damage the phone, it all depends what happens when you unplug the phone and try to reboot it.

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