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How do I tell whether I have WM5 or WM6?

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I am confused as I recently (3 weeks ago) got a new Graphite from O2 and I am not sure whether it has Wm5 or Wm6 on.

The box it came in had the label 'WM6 Upgrade' on but the System Info on the device says Windows Mobile 2005 version 5.2.1616.

So I downloaded the WM6 upgrade from the XDA website and when running the update it says that the Device OS Version (UK_V3.4.0_XB_070711) and Device Radio Version (V2.17.2.P9_2007-06-11) are the same for the device and for the software upgrade.

So before I proceed does anyone know how I can tell whether I have WM5 or WM6 on the device and should I just trust what System Information says?

And do the versions listed above suggest I have WM5 or WM6 or are they are red herring?



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You have WM6. The phone must have been shipped with the upgrade already carried out.

Thanks for the reply and you are right.

There is another System Information screen (!!) and that says Windows Mobile 6 Standard.


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