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How to Run .exe file on Samsung Blackjack

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Greetings all!

Very new to smartphones and windows mobile.

I have a Samsung Blackjack running mobile 5. I have used ActiveSync to copy a “.exe” (pocketnesterplus) to my microSD storage card.

My problem is that when I navigate to this file on my Blackjack I am not presented with the option to open it (“open” is greyed out, I can only "cancel").

I figure I am missing a setting somewhere that will allow me to run independent files on my handheld…but I am at a loss to know where to look. Another problem is that the only way I am able to find .exe file(s) on my Blackjack is by running a search for them…if I manually navigate to a folder containing an executable file…I cannot see it.

Any assistance you folks can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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I was able to figure out my issue…

When I was attempting to run the executable file I was using the “my stuff” folder to find the sub-folder I had place the “.exe” into…from there the only way I could see the file was to use the menu “search” feature…and after it was found I was unable to use the “open feature (as it was grayed out).

The simple resolution to this issue was to use “file explorer” as the means to locate the “.exe” (not the “my stuff” folder route). After finding the executable through file explorer I was able to run it with no problems.

Chalk this one up to total inexperience with smartphones…

Thanks for everyone’s patience :-)


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Welcome to the forum ;)

It's always nice to fix your own problems but have you thought about creating a shortcut in the Programs menu ?

I'm not that familiar with the Blackjack but connect it to your PC and use Explore in ActiveSync to find the exe file.

Right-click and select copy.

Now go to (I imagine) \Windows \Start Menu \Programs folder and right-click again, this time selecting 'Paste shortcut'.

You can rename the shortcut to something snappier at this stage.

The program/game icon should now appear in the menu.

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