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Moto Q and BT with CoPilot not working

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After a hard reset Co-Pilot 7 installs just find on my Motorola Q (Sprint MOL4) and the device is able to connect to the BTGPS. But after I installed Resco Explorer 2007, Co-Pilot 7 was no longer able to connect to my BTGPS. I uninstalled Resco Explorer but the device was still not able to discover the BTGPS. I'm sure that if I hard reset my Moto Q again Co-Pilot 7 will work just fine - but I do need some of the additional 3rd party programs that are on my device (Pocket Bible, Live Search, Fizz Traveller, Google Maps,Sprite Backup, Oxios Close Apps). Also I must use Active Sync to sync to the city Exchange Server.

Are any of these programs related to any known issues between Co-Pilot 7 and the Moto Q? before I preform an additional hard reset I would like to know that if I add any 3rd party app will it stop Co-Pilot 7 from connecting to my BTGPS.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFO: All these 3rd party apps including Resco Explorer 2007 work fine with CP7 on my HTC S710 smartphone (WM6) when I De-activated from my Q and installed in on my HTC Device.

Any ideas why this may be occuring? Any Ideas or help would be great - thanks

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