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Blackjack II Tips - POST HERE!

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I didn't see this here, although it's probably elsewhere in the forum.. if you press and hold a key for a few seconds, it will insert the alternate character just like if you used the Fn key first. (i.e. hold the "E" key down for a few seconds and it will insert "1")

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I would really like to figure out a way to get to the text message option quicker. As for right now I have to hit the message button, go to messages, hit menu, new, then down to text message. Is there any way to make those five steps into one?

In a completely unrelated topic, can I rearrange the main menu? I know you can change it from preset to preset but I'd like to be able to change the order.

I´ve found this at http://www.quicklybored.com/2008/07/how-to...ackjack-part-2/

Create New Text Messages with Speed Dial: There are always those couple people in your phone that you text all the time .. Creating a new Text message on the Blackjack II can be annoying (Going to Messages, New Text Message, Add Recipients, Search for your recipient, Select recipient … not to mention all the load time between those steps).

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to “Contacts”

2. Select the Contact (Center D-Pad button)

3. Highlight “Send text message”

4. Click “Menu” (Right soft key)

5. Select “Add Speed Dial” (Second from the bottom)

6. Change keypad assignment to the desired Speed Dial number

7. Select “Done” (Left soft key)

When you’re on the home screen, hold down the corresponding Speed Dial number key (you don’t need to press Fn) . This will open up the standard “Call Search” screen, keep holding the Speed Dial number key down. After 2 seconds a blank Text Message will open with the correct recipient already added.

Note, if you use a two-digit Speed Dial number (Ex. 24), from the home screen, type in the first number (Ex. 2) and then press and hold the second number (Ex. 4) until the new Text Message screen appears.

This same technique can be used to add Speed Dial to Call or E-mail; In Step 3, highlight the function you want to add Speed Dial to.

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in reply to the battery indicators...

First, the only "correct" indicator is the one inside the power management section (the battery BAR) (hold down the CV key).

The OTHER software approaches such as the "system info" software are simply wrong. Also the 3 or 4 different 1 pixel tall indicators that are available are also "wrong"; they will all show 100% even when the "battery BAR" is at about 70%.

Plug in your charger (or USB cable). Watch the battery BAR every couple of minutes.

Keep your eye on the LED. When it turns green, check the battery bar again.

NOW unplug the charger, wait a few seconds and plug it in again. Do this procedure a few times and you will "bump up" the battery to its fullest charge.

Then there is the procedure which MAY work where you let the battery drain, and then charge and "bump" it a few times. If this does not seem to work then I suggest it's time to get a new battery. If you get a little over a year out of your battery you are doing quite well, IMO.

As long as I went this far, of course it is suggested you turn off any apps you are not using; also I suggest turning off Active Sync unless you are actually using it. In order for it to NOT come on again you will have to disable the automatic clock update:

Start > Settings > Date & Time > auto Update OFF.

The phone will grab the correct time the next time you initiate a call anyway.

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I've had my Blackjack II for a couple of months now. Although its a great phone I have a couple gripes I'd like to get resolved if I can:

1) I have a voice recording for each notification (text message, email, etc.) It randomly sets my text message notification to vibrate, rather than the sound file I have it set on, and I can't get the IM notification sound file to work at all.

2) It has a maddening "feature" of adjusting appointment times when I cross a timezone boundary. I flew from Baltimore to Minneapolis recently. Before leaving I entered my flight times and numbers into the calendar as appointments. My return flight from MSP was set an hour earlier than I had set it since I was in Central time zone rather than Eastern where I started.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Another tip.

Use a registry editor and go to hkey_local_mach.../software/samsung/keyrun/

Than choose a letter like V and than press values on lower left of the screen.

Now choose AppPath and write down the path of the app you want to replace.

Like for those that don't want to launch att's video when pressin FN+V. When you make the changes you will press the FN+V and lauch whichever app you picked. Some of the letters have a key that will say ARGUMENT. Make sure you clear the words if there are any. You can also click on AppTitle to change the name of your new app.


If you like to SPEED up the BJ2 download a app called OMAP Clock.

Your device has to be software unlocked (use/search for: SDA_ApplicationUnlock does a great job) and than run the app. Choose 288mhz, anything higher will freeze the unit. Usually the BJ2 rides on 252mhz, switching it to 288 makes a nice difference! I tested coreplayer (plays movies) and it scrored nicely on 288. Also I was able to watch and listen to a movie with BT headset without to much slowness like whne its on 252/260. Applications run faster as well, very cool app.

Hi I went through your procedure and were able to delete AT&T's pre-set keys. However, whatever new keys I defined, it all showed 0, instead of the function text, next to the key letter. Also these keys I defined now become not editable. What went wrong? thanks.

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Anyone know how to set up repeating notification?

My old RAZR would keep notifing me when I missed a SMS, call or Voice mail. With the BJII the only way to know if you missed something (like in a noisy environment) is to constantly check the thing.

I would try LEDAlerts, it does cost some money, but I bought it and couldn't be happier. It allows you to cusomize the color of the LED ( such as I have Green for emails, light blue for SMS, yellow for voicemail, red missed call and so on) a great little app that is well worth the money I believe.

http://www.qorefunctions.com/ (this is the site to go to, also a few other apps)

Hope this helps

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-For T9 text (now that I've gotten used to the Qwerty, as opposed to the T9 on the ol' Razr!): Settings, More, Key Settings, Text Input...there we go.


Does anyone out there know if there is a way to switch between 'T9' and 'regular' text input 'on the fly' i.e. if you are composing a message, can you swith between the input methods with a shortcut key or do you have to navigate through the phone settings (as above) to change it?

With my old phone, I used to just hold down the * or # key to swap.

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I have exactly the same issue.

This reply is to obviously to an old post, but the reason for this condition - bad software. The company tech I showed and explained this situation to told me to exchange the phone - the software was bad. I did - was five days away from my warranty running out - and the new i617 Blackjack II charges fully with the same battery I used with my previous i617 Blackjack II.

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Not difficult to reorder the start menu. Simple registry edit HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Shell>Start Menu .

There Is No "start menu" Under Shell

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