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Try the Krussell-items.

I use the Orbit case 75324 in Black/Beige (with Multidapt, their universal connector-system).

I mount it in the car on their Windscreen Holder (not listed when you search for the device, you find it in the black-label section).

Links: Windscreen-holder & Case.

Good luck

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I just bought one of these from ebay. Fits the Touch really well and has the advantage of the charging plug being in-situ. However, i'm a bit disappointed on a few points:

1. It doesn't include a speaker and volume control as per the description (i've alerted the seller)

2. The suction cup doesn't stick to my windscreen (going to play with this more tonight)

3. The coiled charging lead isn't really long enough to reach the cigarette lighter socket unless it's immediately above the socket (again, i can probably frig this)

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