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Can't send SMS's since updating the ROM

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Morning all,

My apologies if this has been covered someplace else but I couldn't seem to find any reference to this problem when I searched around this morning...

Since updating the ROM on your phone to an unofficial one voids your warranty and may potentially be classed as software piracy or copyright infringement, let's say this problem applies to "a friend" :(

"My friend" recently updated the ROM on his phone: he had been using an older version of Black but from a link on the SPV developers website now has installed the 'Official' HTC WM6 ROM to his Orange SPV M3100.

- The ROM version for those who may be able to help is (dated 07/05/07).

Since applying the ROM, this phone has had the UK_Setup_ZD.exe tool from HTC run on it to automatically setup the network specific settings for Orange; it's also had the Orange UK CAB by Rabdo installed (from XDADevelopers) and the text messages service center number verified (which I believe should be +447973100973?)

Still - long story short, no text messages get through to this phone, nor do any go out; as soon as an attempt is made to send a message, a pop-up error appears immediately stating Your text message cannot be sent.

Whats the solution: don't really want to hard reset the phone and having read somewhere this might be due to a corrupt SIM, would it work in any case?

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I'm not quite sure why but...

...to test the SIM was working correctly, I put it into my girlfriends Sony Ericson phone - I know, I felt dirty doing it and I've apologised to my SIM for putting it into such an inferior phone - and was able to send and receive text messages without a problem.

I've since put the SIM back into my SPV M3100 and it's working fine again!

...no software was changed, I'd already been soft resetting and repowering the device repeatedly beforehand so I don't think it's simply being turned off that fixed it: maybe I had some sort of SMS transplant from my girlfriends phone through the SIM card?

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Can't remember if SDKcerts is installed by Rabdo's cab or not. If not, then you need to go find that and install it.

I really would always hard reset a device after rom flashing.

I flashed pretty much every black rom to my old hermes as they came out and even though flashing required restarts, I found that a further restart/hard reset was usually required to get everything "bedded down" properly.

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