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OK. I imagine some solutions to common problems with the SPV M600 are scattered over the site, but I thought maybe a pooling of personal experience may be nice. I love the SPV M600 to bits, but as with any phone it can play up. And it's such a great feeling when I manage to find a solution to something that's annoyed me consistently for a week.


After a hard restore and then a backup, no matter what you select for Backlight Timeout, before you know it it's gone back to 10 seconds! Drives you crazy. I've searched and searched but the only satisfactory solution I have found is as follows:

1. Turn off the backlight timeout function completely!

2. Just use the Power Setting: "Turn Off Device If Not Used For 1 minute"

There you go. Hope that helps someone. Anyone else got any solutions that changed their SPV M600 lives in such a big way?

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If you're like me, you love downloading software onto your spv m600. I particularly love anything from http://www.spbclub.com/ and have tried most of them if anyone needs a recommendation. BUT! As a result, the phone can freeze from time to time when booting up.

1. Get a backup program installed onto your memory card. I recommend Spb Backup. It's $19.95, there may be better or cheaper out there, but it IS vital to have one and to create regular backups on your memory card, especially after you've downloaded something you like and tested it for a while to check it works ok. It means that whenever something goes wrong, you can perform a hard reset of your phone, and then a backup to restore it to the state it was in before whatever you did caused it to go wrong.

2. A Hard Reset will restore the phone to factory settings. It means you will lose everything you have done since obtaining the phone for the first time. BUT! If you have a backup saved, there is no need to worry. You can get it all back.

3. To achieve a successful Hard Reset, in my experience you need CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO THE MAINS CHARGER. Without it, doesn't seem to work. Once connected, press at the same time:

- the camera button on the left

- the communication button (under the volume slide on the left)

- the power button (apparently this isn't necessary but it saved me a few times by holding it too!)

- stick the end of the stylus in the soft RESET hole on the bottom (to the left of the mains charger lead)

All four of the above need to be performed at the same time. After 5 seconds, a message will appear: "Press the SEND button to restore to factory settings". The SEND button is the green on silver phone button on the left that you use to call out.

4. The phone will boot up, give it time, it WILL get past the freeze now!

5. Go through the screen set up, etc, just follow the screen instructions. WHEN IT GETS TO "Custom settings in 3 seconds...", this is where ORANGE loads all it's presets on. If you DON'T want all the Orange stuff (in my experience it works better without), stick the stylus in the reset hole at the bottom of the phone before the 3 seconds are up. The phone will reboot but won't have all the Orange stuff on it. Up to you. If you want it, let the custom stuff download.

6. Now to do your backup! Go to settings, programs, file explorer, click the frop down menu to select storage card, find the date of backup which you want to go back to, select it and follow the instructions. You will most probably have to reset the time and date of your phone. It will ask you to do so if necessary.

7. Once it's all done, your phone will reboot, and hey presto you don't need a new spv m600 after all! It'll all be working great again.

Hope this helps. It's saved me so many times! :-)

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hi, so what happens if this does not work ?????

my M600 has the following on the sceen and just stays there

IPL 2.10.0001

SPL 2.10.0001

GSM 02.07.20



i have done a hard reset and taken the memory card out

but it just stays as is,

Any ideas


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