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spv c550 annoying beep on menu commands

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hi wondering if someone could guide me where in regedit. do i shut off the annoying click sound when i goto email sms, and choose menu\delete i get this annoying click sounds. even though I'm in vibrate\silent mode.. I'm in regedit sounds but not sure which one would shut off this annoying clicking sound. i woul dlike to keep the vibrate on menu popup if possible. but if there is no way to get rid of the click sound with out getting rid of vibrate on menu popup. then i will remove that if i have to. I need my phone to be fully silent when in meetings. these clicks are distracting for others when i have it in silent mode. Always happens when choosing menus\delete etc..

Just dont know where to shut this off or where to delete the key.

Thank You..

Any tips would be appreciated!

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