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Terminate Program

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Hi, is there a way to tweak the right soft key so that when you hold the key it would terminate the program?

I am looking for a program that is similar to the SmartsKey program for the MDA.

I am getting annoyed by going into Task Manager every time when I want to terminate a program.

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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There is a file named 'KillProc.exe' you can use to terminate a program. It is included in the Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys (particularly ActiveSync Remote Display). So for instance, to terminate WMPLayer.exe:

00#"\Storage\windows\KillProc.exe" WMPlayer.exe

From the sample code, you'll notice that '\Storage\windows\' is where you have the 'KillProc.exe' file and 'WMPlayer.exe' is the process to terminate. The above code is an LNK (shortcut). I think you can assign it to right softkey (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Home\Keys\113\Open)

Another option would be to do it with Mortscript using the Kill command. On your script you can specify a process or several processes to terminate.

Happy New Year. :(

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