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T-Mobile bundles Wi-Fi with Web 'n Walk

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Thought this might interest some of you:

www.theregister.co.uk]T-Mobile customers signing up to Web 'n Walk Plus (or Max) will get free access to the operator's 39,000 hot spots from January. So for £12.50 a month users can get 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and be allowed to use instant messaging too...

Web 'n Walk is already one of the more attractive options for users wanting mobile internet access, though usage restrictions on the basic service limit it to general web browsing. The Plus, and Max, services offer a higher fair-use level and permission to use instant messaging and such like. Charging users again for T-Mobile-branded Wi-Fi access always seemed harsh, even if it comes with truly unlimited quantities of data.

Of course, 3G networks are expensive to run, and moving punters onto Wi-Fi with cheap back-haul (over ADSL lines) should save T-Mobile money. But that's only true if the users would have been using their data connections anyway, so offering it as an addition to Web 'n Walk makes sense.

Users get faster connections, while T-Mobile saves money - the wonders that convergence can bring! As long as punters don't start using the service for VoIP - that would still be against the terms and conditions. ®

Link to article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/01/09/t_...bundling_wi_fi/

Press release here: http://www.opt-development.co.uk/press-off...ease.php?id=151

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As in the Nationwide adverts: "New customers only..."

Yeah I spotted that after reading the T-Mobile press release ... grrr ... although to date I'm rather impressed with T-Mobile, and suspect they may expand it to existing customers.

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To update this ...

I emailed T-Mobile last night and got an email back quoting the press release "I'm pleased to say that From Tuesday 1st January 2008 all new customers who sign up to web'n'walk Plus/Max, Flext & web'n'walk Plus/Max price plans or web'n'walk Plus daily will receive free access to any T-Mobile Hotspot."

The email then went on to give me a telephone number for more information. (I wont list this here, as it was just a tech support line). However they then put me through to T-Mobile customer services.

I asked the lady I spoke to where an existing Plus or Max customer stood with regards to the free hotspot access. She admitted I was the first person to ask this, so went away to check. She came back and said "It's available to both new and existing customers, out of fairness to current customers". She then added the service to my account, advising me that i would see it listed and charged for, although it was then discounted off 100%.

I'm now waiting for my confirmation email and then have to text "OPEN" to 9526 to get my username and password.

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