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SMS "send" button accidental press...

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for those who use on-screen keyboard on devices such as HTC Touch, the "send" button is very close to the lower side of the keyboard and it sometimes happen that I accidentally press "send" before I finish composing a message frown.gif is there a way to either set a timer on the button (i.e. having to press it for 200 ms in order to send the message) ?

also, is there a way to delete all sent sms without emptying the inbox (apart from selecting all messages and pressing delete, of course...) ?

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1) ok to avoid this problem, i now use Pocket CM which is pretty good (except for a few bugs to be ironed out in next release), it requires a 250 ms "send"press

2) to empty one folder withour clearing the inbos, i have found inbox extender on MoDaCo ;-)

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