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(news) no qualcomm drivers!

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If you own any of these qualcomm devices:

HTC TyTN II (MSM7200), also known as:

HTC Kaiser

T-Mobile MDA Vario III

AT&T Tilt

Vodafone v1615

HTC Touch Dual (MSM7200), also known as:

HTC Nike

HTC Touch Cruise (MSM7200), also known as:

HTC Polaris

HTC Wings (MSM7200), also known as:

HTC S730

HTC Titan (MSM7500), also known as:

Sprint Mogul PPC-6800

Verizon XV6800

HTC Vogue (MSM7500), also known as:

HTC Touch P3050 (this is not the normal HTC Touch)

HTC Libra (MSM7500), also known as:

HTC S720

HTC Iris (MSM7500), also known as:

HTC S640

You probably already know that gaming or video is downright SLOW

why is it slow?

the qualcomm devices lack video drivers.

this angers most people because they spent a pretty good chunk of money on a "fast" device, and fast is what they were promised. HTC failed to keep this promise.

Please check out this website that Chainfire (from xda-developers) has created:


it basicly explains what's wrong with the TyTN II:

TyTN II game + touch

TyTN II video playback

TyTN II slow GDI

TyTN II slow camera

TyTN II touchscreen bug

TyTN II vs. HTC Voyager (youl be amazed the Voyager browses the internet faster...)

the website also talks about a possible Lawsuit, that is, if nothing is ever done about the problem.

Did you know that in 1 month $4000.00 has already been raised!?

The money is for any developer that can create some drivers that will work on our kaisers.

Did you also know there is a petition being signed with over 4000 signatures?

Click Here to Sign the Petition!

please visit these xda threads for more info:

Driver Bounty


HTCClassAction Thread

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