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320 x 240 video recording on Q9M.Is it possible?

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I have tried tweaking the registry.Changed all sorts of settings in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Pictures\Camera\Oem .Then video encoder property among other things.I cant seem to get 320x240 to work properly.Those over in Q9H forums seemed to have found a method.Now if q9h can do it,why can't a q9m? No matter what I try,I can't get a steady frame rate.It either records at 1 - 3 frames a second or it records a small 20 - 30 kb file that plays only 1 or 2 seconds worth then sits at a still frame.This is regardless of how long I record for.45 seconds......same........2 minutes....the same still.Maybe the Camera.dll file for the Q9H is different.Anyone with ideas or a fix?

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