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WOOHOO! My X800 arrived today

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As above :D

My first impressions are very good, good size great screen and web browsing is fantastic (and thats just with IE Explorer)

I feel terrible today though so won't really have a proper play until I'm feeling better :) .

Goodbeye Nokia N82 and WinMo, welcome back :D

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I'm assuming that the VGA will kill the battery faster than a QVGA screen. Is this correct?

You might be right, its still charging so I will post my findings when I have had a chance to run the battery down. Its a decent 1530 mAh battery though. According to various reviews around the web this doesn't seem to be the case but we will see <_<

Not really in the mood to play with it today but I will post a bit more over the next few days when I have hard a proper play and done the speed tweaks and installed all my favorite apps.

Incidentally does anyone know if HTC apps will run o.k on it?, I guess they will, there are a few I want to install

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Should have got back to this ages ago!

Battery life on the phone lasts about 2-3 days with moderate usage, about the same as my MDA Compact III.

Wi-Fi uses the juice up noticeably faster, so if you use it a lot I would imagine that you would need a charge every day.

Speed wise, its not really any slower than my Compact, and I can play VGA movies with TCPMP or Core Player without any problems aswell despite what I've read elsewhere.

That said I have applied a few tweaks to the set up and re-installed the OS with a 4mb page pool rather than the standard 9mb to free up some RAM. I am also using a wm6.1 cooked ROM which I believe may have slightly improved memory management (I haven't personally seen much/any improvement over wm6 but I have read somewhere it did!).

With SPB Pocket Plus, SPB Phone suite, SPB Insight and SPB Diary today screen plugins running, after a cold boot I am left with approximately 17mb RAM. With that I never had any memory error messages until a couple of times using Net Front 3.5 when trying to load up MoDaCo of all sites, I haven't had that with any other sites though (Yet).

Generally I'm happy with the device, the hardware is great, especially the VGA screen (web surfing using WLAN and Net Front is a pleasure), the build quality is good and its a good size. GPS locks on very quickly.

The bad points though. The software is too buggy, although I would imagine there will be further ROM updates. There is a bug where if your in an HSDPA signal area (everywhere for me in Bristol) and the phone is showing the 'H' symbol, video calling doesn't work, it will work when your in a 3G only area and the 3G symbol is shown?????? I can't pair my Nokia Bluetooth headset to it as you get a loud buzzing noise which drown everything else out. Oh and the camera is AWFUL, I think part of the problem is the viewfinder covering the whole of the VGA display makes the device run very slow, the camera app looks a bit shoddy aswell. I really hope the X800 gets the new app in the future.

If anyone has any questions regarding this device I will keep an eye out and try to answer them.



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