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Memory used on M3100

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In settings > memory on my SPV M3100 it shows the following values:


Total: 48.71MB

In use: 20.66MB

Free: 28.05MB


Total: 48.96MB

In use: 32.41MB

Free: 16.55MB

I compared this to the values in my old SPV M2000:


Allocated: 63MB

In use: 16MB

Free: 47MB


Allocated: 63MB

In use: 16.4MB

Free: 46.5MB

So it seems I have less memory available in my SPV M3100 then the old SPV M2000, I was expecting it to be either more or the same? Can anyone explain this to me please?

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The 2 devices don't directly compare, as the M2000 used WM2003SE and the M3100 uses WM5/6.

From WM5 onwards, there was a major change in the way memory was used, to prevent data loss if the battery went flat or was removed. So, your M2000 had 64MB of ROM (for the OS) and 128MB of RAM for running programs and data/program storage. There was a slider in Memory properties to alter the balance of Storage/Program

WM5 on the M3100 has 128MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM. The ROM stores the OS and any installed programs and saved files. The RAM just executes programs. Because of the cost of fast RAM, there was less available in early WM5 devices, though newer ones tend to have more.

Your figures do look a little low- is that after a soft reset and before opening any applications? My P3600 (similar specs to the M3100) had about 28MB of Storage, which is the same as yours, but also had 26MB of Program memory. How may Today apps do you have running?

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