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Staying "connected"

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This issue has cropped up recently, and I've not yet tried a hard reset (not got the time to reconfigure/resync/reinstall everything).

If I leave the phone on the side, doing nothing, when I come back and look at the screen after a few minutes, the GPRS (or 3g) will have connected itself. Nothing is running in Task Manager. I'll manually disconnect, and leave the screen, and come back 5 mins later, and it will be connected again (small G or small 3G above signal strength).

What it means is my bluetooth devices fail to connect, as the phone's own software is always staying connected. This used to work fine, and stay disconnected when I told it to. Only software I've installed recently is Resco's File Manager, but I can't see why that would want to stay connected.

Anyone else seen this?


(Dopod WM6 ROM on a T-mob Vario II, about 18 months old)

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Since nobody else replied, i thought it fair to post the fix I just found.

The "Windows Live" applet was checking "automatically" for contact updates between WL Messenger & Outlook.

Turning that to Manual has fixed the issue, and my bluetooth data is back to normal.

Phew :-)

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