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Ok, I've got one that has stumped me. When I use PIE to go to the mobile YouTube site, m.youtube.com, I get redirected to m.jp.youtube.com. If I use OperaMini it goes where it is supposed to, m.youtube.com. Anyone have idea how this happened or how I can fix it? It is really annoying. If it was a normal Windows OS I'd know where to look but I don't know where to begin here since I looked through the entire registry for youtube and didn't find anything. Help!!!!

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not sure why you got that redirected. Try typing http://m.youtube.com in the address bar. you should pull up the mobile site, although don't expect to watch any videos that way sad.gif

I would recomend Vtap, its a free app for viewing web videos. I use it all the time amazing feature even if your on just edge network

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