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Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

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so i'm new at all of this, and i do a simple download. . meaning i just copy the program to a storage card then insert into my phone. . it has worked with the shadow neo themes, but i can't get the ful screen to work. it says open the program and run the file inside.

help ????????

I think this is the right way to do.

1. Download the .cab files and transfer it to the phone when the PC and phone is connecting together.

2. Go to "my Document" and search for the .cab file you just downloaded.

3. Install it into Device(dont know if it work installing it in Storage Card).

4. click Ok after your done.

5. Then go Setting, Home Screen, and then change it to the one you just installed.

I hope that help.

If there is a easier way to explain, feel free to correct me because i have a headache after finishing my first homescreen.

to be honest, its not fun editing and typing out XML codes. :D

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I have taken the iTunes icons and modified the base theme to make a simple black.


You can get the modified images here.

Does anyone know how to change the color of the highlighting on the start menu? As seen below, it is still brown.


hey how do i install the Iphone theme?

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Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme


This does not include a cab. as the cab creator I have is for PPC's and my shadow wont let me install a cab from my program for some reason.

This is going to be released in 2 different versions. 1 Version for those that want to quickly install this and the 2nd version will be for those who want to continue working on this theme and edit the images to their liking. all images will be grouped for easier editing.

UPDATE... Added Iphone addone theme. copy full theme from ez install and then copy image contents of the iphone addone to the windows directory.

VERSION 1 - EASY INSTALL. (Unrar and copy the image contents to your shadow via active sync and reboot your phone, Enjoy a full screen T-Mobile Shadow.)

SENDSPACE http://www.sendspace.com/file/v15tz0

Version 2 - Skin DEVS

Sendspace http://www.sendspace.com/file/fg7llr







How did you change the in-call screen background?

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