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New SMS (yellow LED) keeps flashing after reading SMS

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I flashed my HTC Wizard with Windows Moble 6 shortly after getting it a couple of months ago.

Often, after getting an SMS, the yellow light keeps flashing no matter what I do, until I plug it into my PC with ActiveSync running.

I've looked at the registry keys that show the count of new messages, and usually it's 0.

Is there a fix for this? It's very annoying. Once I've received an SMS, it cries wolf for the rest of the day.

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not sure about this one.

i have a wizard ( USA ), and the only lights i ever seen in my 2 years owning this phone are : blue, red and green

never yellow

btw. i have wm6.1

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Maybe 6.1 is the fix then... I haven't seen that anywhere, but then I haven't been looking lately.

My yellow light is the same LED as the green one that shows the phone is on - the one on the right. It's solid yellow (actually more sort of orangey yellow) for charging and flashing yellow (or orangey yellow) for a message or reminder, but it often gets stuck on (flashing) after receiving a message.

I don't think I've seen a red light. I never turn blue tooth on but I've just checked and if I turn it on I get a flashing blue light on the left.

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