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Dell Axim x51v Stuck on Dell Screen

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Hi All

Happy Tuesday to you all.

I am practically a beginner at these PDA things, but have been challenged by my workplace to roll out a field sales solution to our sales staff. We have 100 iPAQ's and about 15 Dell Axim's. I have never had a problem with the Axim's but one user had to send his back as it wasn't responding properly. Once I had had a look at the unit, I tried to soft reset it. That was on Friday - it is still stuck on the Dell start up Screen - it doesn't even move on to the Windows start up screen!

Knowing the PDA had been in this state for an entire weekend, I performed a hard reset to try and clear it... to no avail... it is STILL stuck on the blue Dell screen!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to clear this and at least get the unit to start up?!

LOL, love it.


Claris =]

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