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Add reply-to: field to exchange sent e-mail - help!

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A common feature on desktop e-mail clients is to alter message header data on outgoing messages. I use this to set the "reply-to" field so that irrespective of which account, etc, I send a message from, the reply will go to a single address which will then farm my e-mails out as I see fit (well technically it's only a suggestion to the receiver's e-mail client, but ignoring that).

This works great in Evolution (there's a specific option) or Entourage (you can modify any header field you want) with Microsoft Exchange accounts.

However I cannot for the life of me find any way of doing this from Pocket Outlook, or any of it's rivals FlexMail, QMail etc specifcally for Exchange accounts (I think QMail handles this for POP and IMAP accounts but AFAIK it doesn't support Exchange accounts).

It seems like such a trivial thing to miss and given Entourage is a Microsoft product, it seems odd they'd not push such simple functionality to all their e-mail clients?

Has anyone managed this - even if it involves a nasty hack, that's OK with me. Any suggestions welcome!



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