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Text Input on Moto Q9h Global

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Okay either I'm retarded or spoiled by my old BlackJack. I just recently got a Q9h and have a question regarding the text input modes. On my old BlackJack if I held down a button, it gave me the special character above it say for example a ? or !

Well with my new Q, if I hold down a button it gives me this strange 3x3 box with weird characters in it. Is there any way to set the phone keypad to allow me to just hold down a button and give the special character rather than having to press the FN key and then the button? I know it's a minor thing to some, but to me it is driving me crazy because I do a ton of emails daily and it's just an extra key press which is a PITA!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, encece (Nick) if you read this thanks for the phone as I am loving it so far.

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