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Battery performance

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Hi. We have just purchased 5 of these devices and are experiencing some real problems with the battery life (on each of the devices, not just one of them). With (very) moderate usage and nothing else enabled on the connectivity front besides Activesync (Bluetooth, Wifi etc are turned off) connecting to the exchange server every 15 minutes, we are getting around 8 hours of usage before the battery runs out of juice.

I have just contacted HTC support who told me to turn off Activesync and see how that helps (despite my explaining that's why we got the darn phones, they still me want to do this 'test' before commenting).

The support person didn't want to comment much before I have run this test (which I am currently doing) but did hint that Activesync enabled can cause the type of drainage we are all experiencing. It is when I prompted her to the fact that we cannot be alone in buying these phones for their Exchange Server connectivity and if what she was hinting is true, then HTC are misleading customer by suggesting things like "With push e-mail and super-fast Internet connectivity on your phone, you can be sure to keep in touch no matter where you are in the world" and "Keep up to date with latest e-mails" on their web site.

All in all VERY disappointing. Which business phone (which HTC position this as) runs out of juice in just under 8 hours of moderate usage!!! Again, that's with ActiveSync enabled - I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow after turning it off.

Anybody else having these issues!?

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Same experience. I have to recharge the battery twice a day to stay online during working day.

Mines terrible to.

I don't use exchange though.

I charge my battery all night then don't use my phone until lunch time when I watch about 30 minutes of a divx movie using Core Player.

This always takes me down to one bar and it is quite often flat by the time I have finished work.

Now I charge it all day at work and at night just to keep in charged.

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I have an easy solution I'd be more than happy to walk you all through it. Just a simple download and some basic computer knoweledge. You can IM me or PM me. I'll be glad to provide some "live help" in order to do this. I just did this for a friend and his battery lasts a whole day. About 12-24 hours or longer.

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