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Internet Connection Sharing with Q9h AT&T on VISTA x64-bit

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Internet Connection Sharing with Q9h AT&T on VISTA x64-bit.

I am having a problem with this.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 bit with (SP1) on a brand new computer system,

that is only about 1 week old, and there is NO other problems with the system.

this is my system:

AMD Phenom 64bit 9600 - Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe WIFI AM2+ - ATI Radeon HD-3870x2 (x2) - Vista Ultimate 64bit (SP1)

Kingston HyperX-DDR2 2gig x4 (8gig Ram) - WD SATA Raptor-X 150-gig (x4) - Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Fatality Platinum

Antec P182 Advanced Super Mid Tower ATX case - LiteOn-SATA DVD-RW Drives (x2) - Vantec - MRK-250ST (x2)

My Cell Phone is a of c:ourse:

Motorola Q9h (Cingular / AT&T) - with windows mobile v6.0

The phone has Microsoft ActiveSync v4.5

Symtoms and Errors (problems I am having):

The operating system has (Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1)

I turn on ( Internet Connection Sharing ) "ICS" on the cell phone and it is connected via USB,

to the computer that is running Vista Ultimate x64 bit.

Each and every time without fail, My cell phone Re-Starts (Reboots) on it's own,

Only when connected to the Vista computer.

I have no problems with Microsoft Windows-XP SP3 and using this same "ICS" connection.

In fact this is how I am NOW currently writing this post at the current time.

So I know there is no problems with my Mobile Device, Since I am currently connected,

and writing this post you are reading at the moment.

Vista Ultimate x64 bit computer, on the other hand would not let me connect to the internet

as well as Vista computer shuts off ( Self Reboot) my cell phone,

without my authorization or approval.

I have gone to Microsoft website to update ANY and ALL updates for Windows Vista Ultimate x64 bit.

I am also running Vista x64 bit (Service Pack 1) within the operating system, released on March 1st 2008.

If someone has a solution to fix this problem, please help.

as I have been trying to fix this problem for over 1 week now without any success.

thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Best Regards


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I don't know how Vista and Active Sync work together, but I do know how it works with the computers I use and XP. When you plug in either a Q9h or Q9m, it dsables the Wireless Network card of the laptop (no idea why this happens, but it is very annoying if you are using the internet that way). It does not find an internet connection from my phone (which I do have). I have to use a CAB file which eneables Internet Connection sharing from my phone. My computer will then find it as a modem and it works properly. You may wish to try that route with Vista.

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