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changing default player from wmplayer to tcpmp?

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just wanted to say hi to everyone :D and ask a for a little help. i noticed that wmplayer, when prompted to open fullscreen, doesnt really do fullscreen at all. whats up with that??? does anyone know of a registry fix for this. also, is there a way to set TCPMP as the default player when i view videos from the web like you tube or blueapple? any help would be much appreciated.

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ok... ill answer my own question then. only to benefit others in this forum. seeing as this post has had more than a few views, im going to assume that there are others interested but dont know how. so ill post my solution i found in another forum:


though the above link talks about coreplayer and not tcpmp, the solution is basically the same: make sure all files are associated to the player.

options>settings>select page>file association... select all files.

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