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Remap the long-press of the home key

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By default, holding down the Home key will bring up the quick list to set profile, etc. But if you want that key to do launch a program, just take a shortcut of an app you want to launch, copy & rename it to Long_Home (the .lnk extension is hidden) and *copy it to the windows folder*.

I have mine mapped to a mortscript that runs Oxios CloseApps (http://www.oxios.com/memory/) and then close the resulting window for a quick way to tell all apps to close and free up some memory / cpu.

Some of the info came from here:


You can probably remap some other keys as well, such as giving the camera button dual functions.

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is there a way to map the key to directly lock the phone so all i will have to do is hold down the button to lock it?

Have it run vjdevicelock.exe (http://www.vijay555.com/?Releases:VJDeviceLock).

The .cab file is most likely locked for installation of PocketPC. If it is, extract the .exe with this program: http://www.codeppc.com/telechargements/msceinf/msceinf.htm or use the attached file.


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