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Floating context menu in WM6 Standard (smartphone)?

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Hi - I have searched and searched, but can't find the answer: how do you bring up the context menu (ie. right-click menu on the desktop; tap&hold action on Pocket PC) on a smartphone?

I have a T-Mobile Shadow but every button I try to "hold" just activates its "single press" function. I might have assumed that the Smartphone OS does not include support for a context menu, except I read somewhere that it was assigned to one of the hardware buttons on the HTC Tornado, and when using MyMobiler (remote keyboard/mouse app, kind of like VNC for the smartphone) I am able to right-click on screen items to bring up context menus. Obviously these menus exist, especially because WM6 has a (mostly) unified application platform, and many otherwise PPC apps make heavy use of the tap&hold menu function.

Digging around in the registry, I found the following key:


As well as a "ContextMenus" (plural) key in the same area that contains sub-keys for ActiveSync, AppView, Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Notes, Phone, PicturePicker, Pictures...

...so clearly even many of the built-in smartphone apps include support for context menus.

I'd like to assign the context-menu functionality to my Shadow's hardware key, which probably means I need to create a shortcut file (.lnk) that activates this extension. Does anybody know how to do this? The PPC hardware button architecture is different; it uses a DWORD "Flags" value of "0B" for the context menu.

Anybody? Being able to bring up the context menu makes applications like Total Commander much easier to use. Please don't reply and tell me that there's no such thing as a floating context menu on the Smartphone OS, because I've disproven that.

(cross-posted at xda-developers here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=2085083)

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