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MMS settings for unlocked Shadow

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Hi, guys!

First of all, I just wanted to say thanks for being a part of this community. During this week, I`ve all of a sudden found a new page I visit often for info and tools.

I`m all new to this Windows Mobile OS, last weekend I received my HTC Juno Shadow, and I`ve been customizing it for a week now. The only thing missing now is getting MMS properly set up. I`ve customised the START -> Settings -> Connections -> GPRS/Proxy settings, both of them are correct in order to connect to my service provider, known as Telenor.

The only thing left now, is getting the MMS settings intact. As I`ve read from my searches on this forum, the settings are locked and hidden away. I`ve tried "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\UI" and changed the value from 0 to 1 on the EnableServerEdit, but where do I edit settings now? I haven`t found any settings to edit via the phone.

Next I went to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\MMSCSetting\SampleMMSC", where I think the MMS settings are located, or am I wrong? I am not sure what to edit, and where.

The values should be as following:


Trykk Start, Innstillinger, Tilkoblinger, GPRS, Meny og velg Legg til

(Press Start, Settings, Connections, GPRS, Menu, Add)

Beskrivelse: Mms

(Description: Mms)

Tilkobling til: Sikkert Wap-nettverk

(Connection to: Secure Wap network)

Tilgangspunkt: telenor

(Acces point: telenor)

Brukernavn: std

(User name: std)

Passord: 1234

(Password: 1234)

* I`ve done this one, as it is fully open. Just adding it just in case - it`s the next step I`m having trouble with.

Trykk Ferdig fire ganger og Tilbakepilen en gangTrykk Start, Meldingsfunksjoner, MMS, Meny, Verktøy, Innstillinger, Konto Innstillinger

Trykk Meny, MMSC-innstillinger

Velg Sample Server, Meny, Rediger

(press done four times, and then the back key once. Then press Start, message functions, MMS, Menu, Tools, Settings, Account settings)

Navn: MMS

(Name: MMS)

MMSC-URL: http://mmsc/

(MMSC-URL: http://mmsc/)



Port: 9201

(Port: 9201)

Tilkoble via: Sikkert WAP-nettverk

(Connect via: Secure WAP network)

Maks. sendestrørrelse: 300k

(Maximum size of message: 300k)

WAP versjon: 1.2

(WAP version: 1.2)

Trykk Ferdig fire ganger og Tilbakepilen tre ganger

(Press finish four times, and then the back key three times)

So, I know this might be a hard nut to solve, but I`ve looked around on this forum, and you guys seems to be really clever when it comes to Windows Mobile.

Thanks for any help,


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