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3 Indonesia GPRS & MMS Setting O2 Graphite

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can anybody tell me how to setup MMS & GPRS for 3 (tri) Indonesia network provider? as it is not in the O2 Auto Config.

the parameter i got from the network provider are as following:


APN: 3gprs

User: 3gprs

Pwd: 3gprs


port: 3128

Homepage: http://wap.three.co.id


APN: 3mms

User: 3mms

Pwd: 3mms


port: 3128

Homepage: http://mms.three.co.id

thx in advance

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Hey Alexyie , We same , But Only I 13 years old child & i used mentari .

You ALso Upgrade your Graphite with Nanodemon help like me & i used method 2

Can I used Indonesia Language ? ha...ha.... just kidding

Maybe I can help you in GPRS setting

1.Setting > Connections > GPRS

2.Input this data

-Connect to : Wap network

-Access Point : 3gprs

-Username : 3gprs

-Password : 3gprs

-Authentitation type : none

-pRimary DNS :

-Secondray DNS :

-IP address :



5.Input this data

-Connect from : WAP Network

-Connect to : The internet

-Proxy (name:port) :

-Type : WAP

-User Name : 3gprs

-Password : 3gprs


I Know this setting because i use before and its working in wm5 internet explorer

pLease reply

Moronobu mATsushushina :D



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aku pake WM5 neh, bukan WM6, gak berani update sih, dan lagi jeyo sms backupnya kagak ada kan di WM6?

settingnya uda kumasukkan semua, tapi gak berhasil bro

translated: the setting already inputed, but not working...

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Coba deh tanya ama customer care nya . telpon ke 123 dari kartu kamu , kalo males kirim email

e [email protected]

bisa juga ngunjungi 3store di Plaza Semanggi lantai satu

Coba masukin lagi terus di IE

Tool > options > connections > select network : WAP network

gue bukan tinggal di jakarta neh, tapi di medan.

anyway, i'll send an email to 3care to ask for this.

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