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Dial-Up on Q9h (Not-tethering)

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I have a dsl account and that comes with an unlimited dail-up option. When I was looking at the Connections menu of this phone, I saw Dial-Up option. So, I thought, can't I create a dial-up connection profile, and connect to my ISP (I know I wil be spending talking minutes off my vioce plan, but I really never use them anyway, there is always some leftover and I am not planning to stay online a lot).

I am not trying to tether or anything, I am just trying to get online on my phone without using any data plan.

So, has anyone tried using the dial-up option and got online? Can you please post some instructions?

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i dont quite understand???? im new to smartphones myself. but as i know it, in order to use dial-up you use data, not voice. and i think the word tethering just means making some type of physical connection between to objects. Via BT or usb.

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