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Samsung Popup Home Screen on Blackjack II

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Hey everyone,

I'm using a Blackjack II and the Samsung Popup home screen on it. I really like the home screen except for one thing -- the fact that the popup is expanded instead of collapsed as the default state. i.e. when I lock my phone, even if the popup part was collapsed, it will change it back to expanded. I have a sweet background image and I don't want the popup in front of it by default. I don't have a lot of experience with xml or home screens in general, but I HAVE looked through the xml to try to figure it out on my own. No such luck... Can anyone help in changing that part of it? Here's the xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Samsung Electronics


Samsung Popup

Samsung Popup

Elemento emergente Samsung

Samsung Popup

Samsung - Popup


target-width="320" target-height="240"

font-face="Segoe Condensed" font-size="19" font-weight="bold"

padding-left="5" padding-right="5"

bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="COLOR_HOMETEXT" padding-top="1"

b-border-color="COLOR_HOMERULE" b-border-width="0">

<!-- Color of title bar and bottom menubars -->

<!-- Color 18 -->

<!-- Color of Highlight on Home screen and Start screen... -->

<!-- Color 78 -->

<!-- Cursor Highlight on the list, calendar, etc. -->

<!-- Color 78 -->

<!-- Color of highlighted text... -->

<!-- Text color of Menu by right soft key -->

<!-- Color 78 -->

<!-- Color of unexecutable gray text on the menu list -->

<!-- Can't notify any affectios of this color change...


<!-- Not using in here..


<!-- Colors of Gradations of Interval odd and even lines on background of several screens

such as Start, Call History, etc.

If this colors are changed, gradiated colored thin lines are displayed on the background...


<!-- Color of Highlight on Dial parser screen.

If this item is disabled, the color of background if dialing box on dialing screen is changed

along w/ the color of COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT...


<!-- Notification -->

<!-- -->


<!-- Time & Date -->

<!-- HS Helper(MRU) -->

<!-- HS Helper(Message Count) -->

<!-- HS Helper(PIMs) -->

<!-- HS Helper(Storage) -->

<!-- HS Helper(SM Player) -->

<!-- HSPlugin Viewer Control -->

<!-- 0x0409:United States 0x0809:United Kingdom 0x0407:Germany 0x040c:France 0x0410:Italy -->

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