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Moto Q9 GPS and Anti-Theft Applications

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I am testing an Anti-Theft application called WIMP (Where Is My Phone) which claims that they can send GPS coordinates from your phone by send it a simple text message. This would be very useful for both theft and/or lost phones.

In testing the application I cannot get WIMP to record the GPS coordinates even after waiting for 10 minutes and setting the minimum number of sattelites to 3.

I have read all the posts on activating the GPS on the Moto Q9 (ATT version) but it is unclear as to whether I actually need to load any of the COM Activation tools or GPS Test. I am able to get Google Maps and Windows Live Search working just fine with the GPS. Sat lock can take a few minutes from a cold start but that is to be expected. WIMP, on the other hand, can never seem to get either Sat lock or perhaps it just can't turn on the GPS. The support team for WIMP pointed me to this site for more assistance. I suspect they may not have a Motorola Q9 to test with.

Is anyone out there using WIMP with the Moto and/or do you have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance


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From: <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:00 AM

To: my

Subject: Re: I need your help for your application wimp

> Hi,


> Yes we are aware WIMP doesn't work on the Omnia.


> To Uninstall the application please re-install WIMPSetup.CAB and then you

> can uninstall from Remove Programs.


> Regards


> WIMP Support

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