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Co Pilot on Moto Q9h

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:D Hello everyone, this is my first post (i think!)... anyway, i installed the gps activator com 4 and got Co Pilot7 working on my moto q9h. The problem is now, i dont have internet connection at all. Tried technical help from AT&T, with no success. I then installed the gps activator com 5 and that gave me back my internet connection, but lost Co Pilot. It acted as if it would work, but then it gets stuck on determining current location.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks so much!

:( Update: i finally got Co Pilot to work with my q9h and happy to report that i have internet connection also, contrary to my post earlier this morning. Now my problem is syncing with active sync or using sprite back up. I cant seem to connect to my pc now via the usb connection. I thought i saw a previous post about this problem but cant find it.

any ideas?

thank you all...

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