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Using Madbeetle's Homescreen Builder, I've been playing around with making my own Home Screen(s) with decent success. However, there are some things I'd like to change, but I'm not sure how...

I'd like to be able to Select the "Missed Calls" plugin (when there is no Missed Call) and have it bring me to "Call History" like it does in Samsung Calendar, for example. At the moment, I can't select it unless there is a Missed Call, and then it brings me specifically to "Missed Calls" rather than "Call History." I'd really like to be able to select that plugin whether I have a missed call or not, but if I could [also] get it to take me to "Call History," that'd be perfect.

I tried swapping out some XML code from Samsung Calendar, but to no avail...

Any coders out there that can help, please? (and thank you!)

Here's the plugin text, just in case:

Missed Calls :

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